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Our Services

Whether you are a tattoo virgin with an idea or a veteran connoisseur, Illusions can help bring your thoughts to life,.  Our seasoned artists will listen to your input, give you their thoughts and perspective and help create an amazing tattoo that you will be proud to wear for the rest of your life


Illusion tattoos does a full range of piercings from ears to diath, industrial, and everything in between.  Our expert piercer’s mission is to help you create the perfect match to your aesthetic goals.  When done by a true professional a piercing can be enjoyed for the rest of your life.  This is why help you craft the perfect piercing to fit you and your style.


Microblading is a semi permanent tattooing technique for the eyebrows.  It is used to create a natural looking hair like strokes to fill in brows.  Illusion’s expert team will help work with you to ensure we give you exactly what you want.  When the procedure is done you will have amazing and realistic looking brows.  Each procedure is custom to you, your facial and brow structure, and your style.



Cosmetic tattooing is a specialized technique used to help restore the aesthetic appearance of an area.  A hyper realistic effect is created using highlights and shadows and pigments that match the natural skin tones and features of the client.  Illusions Tattoo has worked with breast cancer survivors for nipple and areola reconstruction, as well as other types of scars (“scar camouflage”).


Have a tattoo that was done poorly? Or you would like to hide?  Cover up tattoos are where there artist takes the current tattoo and uses a new one to cover it or modify it.  Along with hiding the original, often they can touch up older elements to blend them into a completely new piece of art that you can be proud of.  Illusion’s artists will discuss with you exactly what your vision for the work is customize something perfect for you!

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